Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Left 4 Dead 2 Update

A New Left 4 Dead 2 Update has been released here are the major things that have been changed:

-Death Toll 1:
-Fixed a case where several rock props were intruding through a wall near the safe room.

Death Toll 2:
- Fixed an case where survivors could jump into infected-only areas using an electrical box in the bridge holdout room.

Death Toll 3:
- Removed an exploit where players could jump from the wheel pedestal of a flatcar onto a train car to skip the balcony area and exit the train yard.
- Altered the PZ spawn area near the train yard exit. Instead of a tanker and a pile of gravel, it is now an overturned truck and van.
- Church guy zombie returns!
Death Toll 4:
- Blocked survivors jumping onto the left bus from the fence near the start, which allowed players to skip the beginning of the map.
- Fixed pipe hanging in the middle of a room during end-level onslaught.
- Removed the mounted gun, as this was causing players to try to outlast an infinite horde.
- Added tooltip to prompt players to fight to the safe room when the onslaught begins.
- Fixed a case where survivors could climb an electrical box prop into infected-only areas during the onslaught.
- Fixed end-level trigger size exploit, which allowed players to stall the end of the map trigger by standing on top of a water-cooler.

Death Toll 5:
- Swapped out the L4D2 mounted gun for the L4D1 mini-gun. 

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